I thought I was done this card, but no, I had to go back to it and add 3 brads and white dots on the scallops. Oh, yes, better!

This next card is one I did because I wanted to use that ribbon. It's sooo gorgeous!! All SU and a bunch of Cuttlebug stuff. It's ..... a card, not the best I've done, but it is okay.
I've gotta start using my camera again. The scanner flattens everything. See the bow on the last card? Not very flattering.
Thanks for looking!


Donelda said...

I agree, your additions make the card extra nice. It is sometimes those really little details that make the difference!!

I know what you mean about the flattening of ribbon and stuff using the scanner. I moved to a camera pretty quickly!! But I've got to say that you have doen such an awesome job with your knot...it is tied perfectly!! I try and try and mine never come out looking that nice!!!!! Way to go!

Chrissy said...

I agree with Donelda, I can never get my ribbons right. Great cards, do you use your cuttlebug lots?

Joyful said...

The knot was by pure accident - but THANKS. I use my cuttlebug not a lot - I need more folders - don't we always?

Karen said...

I love both cards!! I think the second card is my favorite. I love the colors on both though. Don't you love that ribbon?? It makes me want to get mine out and use it again!