It was fast!

The trip home, that is. I had no sooner posted my last post and the phone call came telling us the truck was ready to roll. We didn't even have to load another trailer - we got to take one that was already loaded!! Waahooo! The trip home was uneventful- had good weather. We got home Thursday eve. Boy was I glad to see my girls and vice versa!! My DH and I got some good time together.

I did some cards before we left. Saw this pull up card in a magazine and had to do it.

I liked this so much that I did another one.

Thanks for visiting.


Here we sit.....

in Houston. The truck broke down on Sat. as we were leaving. The water pump decided to call it quits. Kenworth can't get to it til today. Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! So we get to sit here and wait for it to get fixed. Had a great supper last night, tho!! So, when we get the truck back, we have to get another trailer, have it filled and then we can start the trek home. I miss the girls!! I owe my mom big time!!

Keep you posted.