It was fast!

The trip home, that is. I had no sooner posted my last post and the phone call came telling us the truck was ready to roll. We didn't even have to load another trailer - we got to take one that was already loaded!! Waahooo! The trip home was uneventful- had good weather. We got home Thursday eve. Boy was I glad to see my girls and vice versa!! My DH and I got some good time together.

I did some cards before we left. Saw this pull up card in a magazine and had to do it.

I liked this so much that I did another one.

Thanks for visiting.


Whimsey said...

OOOOooooo, that pocket card is ADORABLE; I love the paper!!!

Donelda said...

too cool. took me a bit to see the frog -- he is too cute!! love them both. thanks for sharing.