Missing Mojo

I like the colors.  I like the layout.  I like the embellishments.  I like the DP.  BUT....there's something missing or is it the placement of the elements?  A smaller and darker sentiment just above the ribbon on the right of the focal area should fix this - maybe.  What do you think???  I'm stuck on this one.

Please help!!!

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Donelda said...

I agree - great colors, great layout, awesome buttons and ribbon! I didn't notice the sentiment. I wonder if you add something to the flower if that will make it 'feel' more finished. Can you add a medium sized button to the middle of the flower? or some brown or green leaves on either side of the flower (stamp the same flower onto some of the designer paper and cut 2 of them out placeing them on each side of the flower to make leaves) - maybe?? Regardless if you change it up or leave it the same, it is great!